Dear Visitor,

There are many sites, newsgroups and chatrooms about the flute on the web and there are many other sites about the activities of various flutists. However, there are few sites about the piccolo and its construction, builders, events, repertoire and pedagogy. The goal of this site is to help address the relative lack of such information sources.

This is an open site - another of this site's objectives is to be a place where questions can be asked, opinions stated and suggestions made pertaining to our little* instrument.

I would also like it to be a site where piccolo players, amateur, student and professional, can come to find piccolo-related news on masterclasses, conventions, performances, auditions, as well as the piccolo's growing literature and repertoire.

We welcome contributions!

* Jan Gippo, Solo Piccolo of the St. Louis Symphony and a strong piccolo advocate has said "...the piccolo is not a small instrument, it is a *short* instrument!"